Julia Yuan - President

Ms. Yuan founded the company in 1986, is now the President of Actuator. She continues to play a very active day-to-day role in the company. Her main focus is on the company’s direction & oversight, while also playing pivotal roles in overseeing the Asian Sales and Accounting. She has been very active in various Government roles throughout the past two decades while serving as the Head of Yuyao Women Entrepreneurs Association, as well as Yuyao Small and Medium Business Association.


 Dennis Zhang - Vice President

Mr. Zhang is the Vice President of Actuator and joined the company in 2001. His primary focus is on overseeing Sales & Marketing for Domestic and International customers and ensuring that we fulfill our promise of excellent customer service. Dennis previously worked 8 years at Sharp and speaks fluent English and Japanese.


 Jonathan Funkhouser - Operations Director

Mr. Funkhouser joined Actuator in 2007 as the Operations Director. In this role Mr. Funkhouser focuses on a wide range of issues and strives for continuous improvement from all departments. He tends to focus on Lean Manufacturing, New Product Development, and trying to consistently search for potential quality improvements to be made through better production yields. He has lived in China for since 2001, well knows Chinese culture and speaks fluent Mandarin.


 Ellyn Jiang - Administrative Director     

Ms. Jiang is the Administrative Director and joined Actuator in 2007. Ms. Jiang currently holds two Master's, one from University of Exeter in 2004 in International Management and one from Lancaster University in 2005 in Human Resource Development and Consulting. Her primary focus is on developing and managing the company's Human Capital, and implementing Actuator’s successful Green Program. She speaks fluent English.