What makes Actuator DIFFERENT?


     ● Custom Motors are our Specialty

     ● We use standard motor platforms to tailor make non-standard professional solutions

     ● Better customer service

     ● Faster sample lead time

     ● Shorter production lead time (with VMI or Pull Systems available)

     ● Competitive price


We are willing to CUSTOMIZE our motors for:

     ● Overall Case length

     ● Shaft length

     ● RPM

     ● Torque

     ● CW/CCW

     ● Fan venting direction

     ● Bearing type, oil sintered versus ball bearing, and the end play & clearance of the bearings, plastic versus metal retaining rings

     ● Temperature rating of magnet wire & insulation

     ● Positive or negative balancing, or both

     ● Can also develop entirely custom motors from scratch to fit customer’s needs


                Examples of Construction Options in 48x68mm